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Grampians National Park, Victoria, 2021
on the land of
Barengi Gadjin Land Council,
Eastern Maar Aboriginal Corporation and
Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation

Landscape Architects: McGregor Coxall
Collaborators: OPS Engineers, Treelogic Pty Ltd, Parks Victoria, Noxon Giffen
Client: Parks Victoria

Change: elevating the hikers’ experience, while respecting the fragile ecology of a remote landscape

Strategically located along a 160 km walking trail is a series of overnight rest spots for hikers. Tent platforms, communal shelters, gathering spaces and toilets interact lightly with the fragile ecologies, while offering relief from sun exposure and winds. Working in such remote sites combined with a limited budget required a strategic approach to construction. Elements were optimised and conceived as part of modules that could be flown in by helicopters or trucked via fire trails. An innovative use of materials responds to each campsite’s unique geology, colours, and biodiversity. Communal shelters are clad in a mix of oxidised mild steel, sandstone, bushfire-charred timber and organic cladding, while stone salvaged from the site was reworked into walls and steps. Elevated tent decks minimise the camper’s footprint while keeping insects and snakes away. This approach provides for the functional requirements of the hiker while maintaining the spectacular Grampian landscape as the true ’hero.’

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